Plymouth - Vintage & Thrift Superstore

Plymouth! Now officially open 7 days a week 


We have been working vigorously behind the scenes this year to improve our company. Now we’re now about to bring things to a whole new level..


We are proud to finally announce OUR PERMANENT SECOND LOCATION in Plymouth, next to The Barcode. This store is fully kitted out for the very best retail thrift experience we can offer. There will be 2 huge levels and stock will be changed regularly. Our underground level, AKA the Lucky 7 basement, will have every single item priced at £7 or below. To start with, we will be just opening up the top level of the store whilst renovations happen underground. 


Not only are we bringing our killer vintage & thrift experience to the rest of the south west, we have invested into a brand new state of the art industrial laundry operation! This means every single garment that hits our stores will now be fully laundered in house. We aim to provide the most care possible to our clothing as we believe in providing quality garments at unbeatable prices.


Since we are doubling our permanent retail operations, this means we will in turn be grading a much larger quantity of stock for you all. We have sourced the very best American vintage and will now be importing up to 50 TONNES PER MONTH of stock. 


We are looking to expand and improve things further by opening up a local reworked & up-cycled operation to further reduce waste. Soon we will be releasing our own Cornish reworked clothing lines in store! 

Plymouth Location:


Vintage Superstore Plymouth

2 Charles Cross



We are right next to The Barcode

To clarify - this is a permanent shop and we will be here for 5 years. 

Open Hours




10:00AM - 6:00PM


11:00AM - 4:00PM



10:00AM - 6:00PM